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Online Scam Report
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Hello and welcome


My name is Chris Goeller and I’ve spent the last seven years trying to market product across the internet without much success.


Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ve made a few pennies here and there and they are still sitting in the account of the company that I made them for.


I can’t draw them out till I hit $20.00.

Only one or two types of free programs actually paid me. (I’ll tell you about them later)


When I started marketing on the web I promised my self I wouldn’t get sucked into any scams and I wouldn’t spend a dime or buy any programs. (of course it helped that I was flat broke) so I focused solely on free programs, free marketing and affiliate programs.


 Needles to say I had No idea of the countless dirty tricks available to these webmasters and spent thousands of wasted hours making someone else money and  building their web empire.


As I began to see the truth of what was going on I became even more upset because I saw that countless numbers of GOOD people had bought into SCAMS and were being used & tricked into marketing crap that would never pay them. It would only pay the “Rich Jerk” (by the way this guy is a con artist) at the top.


So.. here we are.. I hate long speeches so I’m going to cut to the chase.


The Scam Report. What everyone needs to know before they buy.



#1. The Bait and Switch Scam


 Ok,  here is one scam older than any of us that is one of the most common scams on the net still today. If you are marketing on the web you are probably already a VICTOM & DON’T KNOW IT..



 Referral Bait and Switch


In a simple nutshell


Webmasters want you to post their links across the web and do their marketing work for them.


For example.


For several years and still to this day I have used surf sites as a free marketing tool. This is a really decent free way to get your stuff seen.



Not all surf sites are created equal.


So when I started I joined a surf site then another and another and so on. I’d spend hours going back to each one to add the latest referral link to the last sight I joined.  Yes, I did get signups but after 6 months I began to notice that some of my surf site links were no longer any good. And instead of going to a completely dead page the links I posted were redirected to the hosting site sales page. like “Go Daddy” for instance. So now all my hard work posting these links on all these different surf sites was only helping the hosting site make sales and wasn’t doing anything for me.




Because in all actually. The hosting company created the “FAKE” surf site, offered 100,000 free hits and got 200 people to sign up. Those 200 got 2000, and those 2000 got 20,000 to join. Ant when the hosting company felt it had enough links across the web they closed the surf site and redirected all the links to their marketing page.


And WALAH. Their sales went up!

AND I got to spend Hours deleting links from 400 surf sites

Nice huh?






Affiliate Bait and Switch


“Simply Put”


They Promise or Offer you a commission on any sales gathered by your affiliate link.




Once enough affiliates have joined and enough links are posted across the web they:

 cancel their affiliate program


 disable the log in button.



Delete your account Or password entirely

 and make you start over.


I’ve had this done to me TOOO many times


Right now I only use Commission Junction and Link Share

For affiliate Programs


 When a company stops using Commission Junction or Link Share they don’t get any free sales from the links. Commission Junction & Link Share kill the links and they don’t get any free link backs to increase their search engine rank because the links go to Commission Junction Or Link Share



#2. URL Trackers & URL Shrinkers


These can be a really handy tool.




There is a simple program that allows these companies to redirect your shrunk or tracked URL to their site and you’ll never know because every time YOU click your banner or link the program recognizes YOUR computer through cookies and shows you what you want to see.

 (not what is actually going on)


Also some of them run a simple program to only SKIM a few of your hits.

Say 1 every 20 hits or one every 50


This can have a impact if you are using Google ads and losing sales to your URL tracker.


The best way to check this is to use a library computer or friends to check if your Shrunk or Tracked URL Is Working.


Some Companies WAIT a Week Or Month to start skimming.








                     #3.               MLM


 Ok. What can I say about Multi Level Marketing




Most “if Not all” of these MLM are flat schemes.


Pay us 20, 50 200, dollars and every person who signs up under you will pay you.


Guys this SCAM IS Older than dirt.


 The only people going to make money are the people at the top.

The only way a MLM site will ever work Is if they


 something not offered anywhere else.


I Almost signed up for a MLM Site awhile back Called



It was only going to cost me 9.95 a month and I’d get a percentage of every person under me up to 15 levels.


They were Hyping video conferencing and Video interviews

 It sounded cool.


Well.. I decided to wait and see.

If you log in now you won’t find 5 people online.

They’ve been running for 2 years and it’s a FLOP

Would of cost me $240.00

To find out that no one wants to pay for it.